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tv   BBC World News This Week  WHUT  January 2, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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>> and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> the headlines for the second half of 2009, following an
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election marred by fraud, president karzai and his rival pulls out. president obama sends 30,000 more troops to afghanistan part of the surge. 180 die as ethnic violence erupts in western china haven't troops are sent in to restore order. western leaders accuse iran of building a second nuclear plant diss despite a u.n. ban. six years after the invasion, american troops hand over power in towns and cities. welcome to this week's news review, major stories seen on bbc during the second half of 2009. in july, six years after american-led forces invaded iraq, president obama has announced thetch withdrawn from the country's towns and cities but he warped difficult days lay
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ahead as iraqis celebrated. a car bomb in the northern city killed 25 people. e bbc's jim muir witnessed events in baghdad. >> despite the bombs an iraqi victory parade to celebrate the last american leaving baghdad and other cities. on the streets, jubilation. across the board, everyone is glad to see the americans go, it means iraqis are back in charge. >> today we saw great pleasure mixed with deep sorrow. the pleasure of achieving something historic and sorrow for the men, women and children who fell victim to the terrorists. >> as though to underne the feelings and fears, another big car bomb, this time in a busy street market in the northern city. more than 30 killed in this prove occasion. despite the bombs, levels of
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violence are much lower now than they were a few years ago. 4,321 american soldiers have died in iraq since the invasion six years ago. in the same period, it's estimated that over 100,000 iraqi civilians were killed by insurgents or coalition forces. the american troops who pulled out of iraqi cities are not leaving the country yet. >> all combat troops have been moved out of the cities. in the cities, the mission will change from combat operations. >> this base on the edge of baghdad was one of the 150 around the country given up by the u.s. forces as they pulled out of urban areas. once this is all over, these american forces will be out of here and out of all iraqi towns and cities but they aren't going far but relocated to bases outside 9 city limits ready to intervene again and that raises
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a big question, just how ready are the iraqi armed forces to fill the vacuum that has been left behind here. they will have to show iraqis first if they are to prevail. >> first week in july saw the -- madoff start his 150-year jail sentence and been convicted after pleading guilty after a fraud scheme. china's western region was rocked by ethnic violence in mid-july. thousands of mainly muslims attacked the hand of the chinese community and they took to the streets. 180 had been killed with 800 injured. the report does contain graphic
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images. >> in one of the most tightly controlled parts of china, a riot erupts. protestors from the minority, tore apart buses and cars with their hands and then turned on local chinese. some were dragged through the windows of buses, others were beaten in their homes. this was ferocious ethnic attack. this is a troubled place, but few could believe the anger and violence directed towards them. their attack kers were enablers. the violence was sparked by killings thousands of miles away in southern china. groups in exiles placed video on the internet and showed a man running for his life one of two killed in a revenge attack. what happens next is too
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disturbing to show. this video appears to shows hundreds, perhaps thousands on the march. the pictures can't be verified. the communist appointed leader says this was an uprising against chinese rule. they say they have been colonized by the chinese. in the dark back streets of the city, some of the worst beatings took place. mobs set upon people smashing them with sticks and rocks. the government says around 50 pele were martyred in this way. at a city hospital, the beds are full of wounded and say they were hued down. troops have been deployed. and a curfew is now in place. the city of two million people now has access to the internet. china says it's now backing
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control here. >> the man convicted of the lockerbie bombing was freed early from a scottish jail in august. he was suffering from terminal prostate cancer and released on compassionate grounds. 270 people were killed in the lockerbie bombing, 2/3 americans. it was britain's worst ever such attack. a white house spokesperson describes the welcome he received in libya as outrageous and disgusting. august saw the passing of a politician described by president obama as the greatest senator of our time. senator edward kennedy died after a year-long battle with brain cancer. he he won civil rights to health reform and tributes flowed in. we looked back at his life. >> good morning america, we awake to breaking news that senator edward kennedy political
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giant, has died. as we say a good and sad morning to you. >> teddy kennedy was being lauded for a lifetime which even at the last, he had been at the center. he had been a backer of barack obama for president. >> i barack obama do solemnly swear. >> on the day of his inauguration, he collapsed suffering from a brain tumor that had been diagnosed in may of last year. but despite his illness, he delivered the democratic nomination to the young contender. >> the hope rises again and the dream lives on. >> edward kennedy had once carried the dream himself. he was the youngest of the kennedy clan. when president kennedy was assassinated, his brother robert ran to succeed him. when he was killed, it was expected that edward kennedy
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would run. >> he was a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it. >> but a mysterious accident dashed his hopes. he drove his car off a bridge and a young woman passenger died. kennedy was convicted of leaving the scene of the accident and suspicion about what happened that night clouded his future career. but he cast aside the image of a hard-drinking playboy and became the beerer of liberal causes. -- bear of of liberal causes. his catholic constituency gave him influence in northern ireland. he was seen as a supporter of the good friday agreement. he had been slowed by the cancer
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that killed him but he continued to attend the senate using a walking stick helping the president shape health care reform. he died at the kennedy compound at the age of 77. >> august saw an emotional reunion when bill clinton flew to north korea. two american jourmists were released after the intervention of the former yous -- u.s. president. they had been sentenced to 12 years hard labor for entering the country illegally. august saw revelations that shocked america. jaycee dugard was abducted 20 years ago and she was kept in a tent and used as a sex slave and two children apparently fathered by phillip garrido. her ordeal came to an end.
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in le september, the united nations gave iran the ultimatum to stop enriching uranium by end of the year. but concern escalated with confirmation from tehran that it had a second enrichment plant. they led demands for construction work to stop immediately. the iranian president said the plant was not secret. we were at the g-20 summit in pittsburgh. >> this is what it's all about, iran's missiles the leaders becoming bent on becoming a nuclear power, something they deny. but now a trio declared they had been caught at it. >> iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. threatening the stability and security of the region and the world. >> the level of deception by the iranian government and the scale
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of what we believe is the breach of international commitments will shock and anger the whole international community and it will harden our resolve. >> this is not the first time a hidden plant has been diss covered. in 2002, there was a hipt of a secret weans program. american, british and french intelligence discovered another one. it is making enriched uranium, not enough for commercial use but sufficient for weapons and had gone public because tir cover was blown. many experts do not believe that president ahmadinejad is not close to getting a nuclear weapon but want to act while there's time. >> we have no secrecy. and we work within the framework of the iaea. >> the president and the prime minister welcomed the chance to sound tough and made this new
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revelation at just the right moment to most effectively tighten the diplomatic screw. >> two huge earthquakes struck the asia pacific region causing widespread devastation. it hit sumatra and 1100 died. 3,000 miles away a series of tsunamis struck samoa. >> some survivors lie in reach but as yet beyond help. others more fortunate are pulled from the rubble. but for many, many people, it's just too late. the devastation is everywhere. as is yellow, the color of the body bags which continue to pile up. this was the moment the earthquake struck.
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the camera captured the chaos that immediately followed. emerging from a crushed hole, the survivor of a class. early hurt. then her classmates followed, one by one. injured, but alive. there are many people holding out hope, but searching for and rescuing the living is making finding and recovering the dead. these little pockets of rescue operations have been going on for the last few days now and many of them are ending the same way and that is recovering bodies not people who survived. 20 children were taken out of here. it's been the same all over the city. it's still impossible to say how many died under the tons of rubble. only when the concrete is
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cleared will we know just how deadly this earthquake has been. but even those who survived, badly hurt are not out of danger. the hospitals are overwhelmed. those with horrific injuries are made comfortable, but there are too many to be given the normal care. doctors do what they can but the hospital is maged. >> in the south pacific, the tsunami was wreaking havoc, a series of them devastated the coastal areas of western samoa and american samoa. warnings were givey -- given. 170 died. recovery was made difficult because of the remoteness. >> vast areas look like this. barren wastelands destroyed. a giant wall of water crashed through this once vibrant
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community and look at it now, not a house is left standing and it is strewn with cars. villagers say 30 people died here and many more sick and injured. >> in october, pakistan started its campaign to wipe out the taliban. fierce fighting forced 100,000 people to flee the region. pakistan sent in a force of 30,000 troops with heavy artillery and air strikes to attack the taliban. but the militants started a campaign of suicide bomb attacks on civilian targets. >> caught between the army and the taliban, they flee if they can. there is a desperate exodus from south what desire stan. journalists can't enter but there ar fighting. the taliban said they are defending every inch of territory. >> this is the old tertory --
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>> the army says there is less resistance than expected so far but admits troops are advancing slowly. the taliban promised to hit back after the army's offensive. the surprise target, a seat of islamic learning. two bombers struck almost at the same time, one in this fack cult building. the other -- fack cult buildg. many schools and colleges were already closed for fear of attack, but the doors had stayed open here. >> they are killing brothers. we are their brothers. >> but others were angry with the government. chants of shame, shame, directed at the interior minister when he came to the scene. the army offensive against the taliban had triggered the suicide attacks.
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fear is gripping the nation. the government has appealed for unity saying the attacks e a test of nerve in a time of war. >> the united nations human rights council voted to endorse an investigation into military actions during the israeli offensive into gaza. the report shared by the south african judge accused israel and hamas of war crimes. israel and u.s. opposed endorsing the report. the international olympic committee voted for rio to be the venue of the 2016 games. there were celebrations inhe brazilian city, spanish capital madrid was in the final voting. it will be the first games ever held in south america. as october came to an end, americans heard welcome news. president obama announced that the u.s. was officially out of
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recession. economic data confirmed that the world's largest economy had pulled itself out of the worst slump in 70 years. in november, karzai was sworn in for a second term after his controversial re-election. the second round of the presidential election was scrapped after hisrival pulled out. mr. karzai promised to get corruption under control and said afghan security forces would take over primary responsibility for security as long as nato countries trained them. we report from kabul. >> the fate of britain's mission rests upon these shoulders, karzai the re-elected leader of the country in crisis. he promises to make the changes that the west demands of him. >> in the coming five years we will put a stop to the irresponsible behavior and the government will focus on security issues and ensure a better quality of life.
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our government will serve its people and those who respect the law of the country. >> promise heard before and although the life has improved, the country remains dangerous. others will be looking for actions as well as words. karzai faces three challenges. security is his top priority and promised to train afghan troops to take control within five years. he wants to talk to the taliban and proposed a big tribal meeting to discuss peace. fraud in the election highlighted corruption and the president said he'll hold offenders to account. and that will be the job of these men, afghanistan's anti-corruption squad armed with spread sheets and calculateors, the credibility of the new government depends on their work. >> it is a turning point. i think there is a woipped of
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opportunity and we have to -- window of opportunity and make sure we use that opportunity and to the best interests of the nation. >> tonight, karzai begins his next five years in power weaker than ever before and with greater challenges. it's taken three months, millions of pounds and the lives of british soldiers to reach this point and now will have to prove that the sacrifices have not been in vain. >> at the start of december, president obama announced his decision to send 30,000 more troops to afghanistan, a move praised by majority of american politicians and hopes to start withdrawing them by 2011 but there were sharp questions in congress as to whether he should have given a time line for their exit. >> after months of agonizing, finally the announcement on
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afghanistan. america e.p.a. commander in chief working on stage. -- america's commander in chief working on stage. >> i do not take this decision lightly. i make this decision because i'm convinced that our security is at stake in afghanistan and pakistan. this is the center of violent extremism practiced by al qaeda. it is in our vital national interests to send an additional 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. after 18 months, our troops will begin to come home. >> it will not be a timetable for withdrawal, but the clock is ticking and start drawing down by the middle of 2011, but there was pressure on america's allies to step up the fight and provide more troops. >> our friends, fought, bled and diedlongside us and we must
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come together to end this war. >> afghanistan would have to share the burden, too. to build up its own army and root out corruption. and directly addressing the afghan people, he said america wasn't interested in occupation or writing blank checks. and finally an appeal to the american public, this would not be another vietnam. this, he said, was a just war, around which the nation should unite. >> we will go forward with the confidence that right makes might. thank you. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> win or lose, there is at least one thing certain, afghanistan is now obama's war. >> for two weeks in the end of december, 190 world leaders struggled to reach a deal to try to restrict global warming and expressed frustration and anger over deadlock. our correspondent witnessed
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events at the gathering. >> after a long and turbulent day, barack obama left the conference. his deal, the result of hours of hard bargaining. he described the agreement as meaningful, but only a start. >> this progress did not come easily and we know that this progress alone is not enough. going forward, we're going to have to build on the momentum we established here to ensure that international action to significantly reduce emissions is sustained and sufficient over time. >> the agreement calls for a limit on global warming compared to pre-industrial and specified the need to verify how countries are curbing greenhouse gases but it is not legally binding. the prime minister gordon brown defended the deal saying it was the first time that the world had agreed to a common approach.
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>> kyoto did not reflect the worldcoming together and we should reflect progress where we have made progress and it is significant and i personally want a treaty to bring together what i have done in finance and other people have done on transparency and what has been set forward on national emission plans. >> president obama brokered this agreement with a handful of countries, but this is a conference of 192 nations and many feel really disappointed, not only excluded from the process, but also arguing that they will be hit hard by climate change and this agreement will do much to protect them. as the details surfaced, reaction was swift and often hostile. >> this is not a good deal. this is a deal that denies climate justice for around the world and for the populations in africa and south america, that cannot adapt and will not be able to adapt to the pollution and environmental harm that we
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are causing. >> we, together -- >> disagreement -- this agreement doesn't go as far as many would like but hope it will lead to a new treaty. >> and that's all from this review of some of the major stories on "bbc world news" over the past six months. join us next week. bye for now. [funding for this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundation and the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.] >> and union bank.
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